• Our experimentation in the generation of complex geometries inspired by nature and our research in the additive manufacturing technologies, results in the creation of unique designs.
    New objects that are created, grown, and made digitally from the fusion of generative design, mathematics, biomimetics, advanced technologies and all their possibilities.


We have launched our new website! http://www.growthobjects.com Review our innovative projects focused on Direct Digital Manufacturing, using our expertise in Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing, for any kind of clients. And also you can check out our new webshop, where our bespoke products as jewels, objects and fashion accessories are available! Enjoy it!


Bespoke jewels for Rigi Workshop 2013

We have designed customized silver jewels as gifts for the invited speakers at Rigi Workshop 2013. This workshop is focused on the molecular world, “Thinking Big in a Small World: Creativity in the Molecular Sciences”, and takes place on top of Mt. Rigi in Luzern, Switzerland from 20th to 22th of January of 2013, organized … Continue reading


Personalized jewelry for kids

A pendant jewel like a teddy bear’s shape and another like a continuous spiral, both designed and personalized for kids (“young teens”, if Abril or Julia read this post). The jewels incorporate the initial letter of their name. The pendants are made in silver with glossy finish.


3DEA Pop Up Shop in NY featuring our Africa’s ceramic

Openhouse, Shapeways, Ultimaker, UP!, MAKE, Fatboy and the Eventi Hotel open 3DEA 3D Printing Pop Up Shop in New York City’s Fashion District, from 29th November until 27th December. Shapeways curated our Africa’s ceramic to display in the pop up store.   Photo credits: 3DEA A gift for this holiday seasonal time, a receptacle for twelve … Continue reading


Growthobjects take part at Oh Tannenbaum exhibition

We have been finalists and selected to participate at Oh Tannenbaum exhibition with our “3d printed Tannenbaum with melody script” design. Through a design competition, Goethe-Institut Barcelona, Goethe Foundation and Oh Tannenbaum.org have sought biting, endearing and provocative designs that reinterpret the beloved Christmas tree. The Goethe-Institut shows the best works submitted to the competition in … Continue reading


Workshop Re_Create 3D Printing

Scan, model and 3D print! We organize a 2 days workshop focused to introduce participants to the “maker revolution or DIY movement” that is becoming around the world, learning and understanding the possibilities of digital creation and production through open software, online resources, digital tools and 3D printing. Along the two sessions we apply the potential … Continue reading


Growthobjects exhibit at iCAT2012 conference

We were finalists at “Free From Challenge”, a design competition launched by RAPIMAN within the framework of iCAT 2012 conference (International Conference on Additive Technologies). Our “leaves” proposal was made and took part at the exhibition during the past event, from 19th to 21st September at Maribor, Slovenia. Photo credits: iCAT2012


Growthobjects participate in a new project called ArtSoNice

Growthobjects participate in a new project called ArtSoNice, where poetry, music, art and geometry will interact together. ArtSoNice is being developed under Megafounder crowdfunding platform. Read full news at Megafounder’s blog: “We also met Jordi Bayer, co-founder of Growthobjects, a design company that makes complex objects by using advanced 3D printing. He showed us a piece … Continue reading


Orbit, a constellation jewel

A jewel inspired by zodiacal armillary spheres or celestial spheres, an instrument used for the observation of the stars and planets along the history. A sliced sphere geometry with moebius strips rotating and decreasing around its central axis. The pendant is made in gold with a matt finish.


Growthobjects take part at 3D FABulous Fashion Show in Atlanta

Photo credits: Robb D. Cohen (www.robbsphotos.com) 3D FABolous Fashion Show – Rapid 2012 (on Vimeo – Thanks Jim, great catwalk model!!) We were selected to participate at 3D FABolous Fashion Show with our “arpeggio” textile design. The event was held last 22th May at RAPID 2012. A solution where the chainmail mixes and joins to … Continue reading


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